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Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams!

You’re bathroom shouldn’t just be a place you do you morning and evening routines, but an escape from your busy day where you can draw a nice hot bath and relax the evening away.

Builder grade bathrooms, however, rarely offer these luxuries. Create your dream bathroom today and get the space you deserve!

Choices, Choices and More Choices!

When it comes to redesigning a bathroom, you have a lot of decisions to make, and they can seem overwhelming. That’s why we have an interior designer on staff – to help you make design decisions and to help coordinate with your builder.

At Classic Kitchens, we can help you choose a variety of options for your new, relaxing bathroom including:

  • Cabinets from Omega, Dynasty, Home Crest, Crystal, Kitchen Craft or custom options
  • Countertops made from materials including granite, quartz, marble and travertine
  • Hardware options to match the style you want for your new bathroom

Trade Partners

We work closely with builders, designers, architects and other trade partners to create beautiful kitchens, bath, living & work spaces.

Our goal is to help our Trade Partners customize their orders so that the products chosen are the perfect fit for each individual project and ensuring that the end client is completely satisfied. All professional commissions and compensations are rendered.

Schedule a Consultation in Our Design Showroom Today

Nothing beats being able to look, touch and feel the materials you’ll be selecting for your new space, versus just zooming in on images on online catalogs. To see our wide selection of bathroom cabinets, countertops and hardware, schedule a consultation with us today at (504) 456-1000. You’ll be glad you did!